Hemel Hempstead School






30TH APRIL 2008



On the 30th April 14 members of our Society took part in a visit to Hemel Hempstead School, for a look at the School itself and a presentation by some of the pupils. The evening was a continuation of the ‘through the eyes of youth’ initiative run by the Society, through their Co-Coordinator Joan Hands.

The Society were warmly welcomed, and were then offered refreshments while they toured the display of Hemel Hempstead School memorabilia and artefacts, which had been placed on notice boards around the meeting room. Alongside the artefacts display was a display of castles and forts all made by some of the younger members of the school.





The evening moved on with a presentation by the sixth form entitled ‘The Bayeux Tapestry revealed’. The presentations were made by Toby Podmore, Andrew Mawer and Yu-Fan Zhao., who presented alternative thoughts and possibilities raised which, if proven, would throw, into some conjecture, the more traditional stories raised by the tapestry over the years.


At the end of the presentation Mr. Chapello of the school thanked the Society members for coming , and looked forward to continuing to work with the Society next year.


In response Mr. Roy Wood Society Hon. Secretary presented a cheque for £40.00 as a donation to the School history department, and thanked everyone involved for providing such an enjoyable evening.


We have since discovered that the money will be used for books for the sixth form to use in the school library, as  they begin a new ‘A’ level syllabus shortly, and there is a need to re-stock in this area.