It is the aim of the HHLH&MS to involve as many young people as possible in their activities.


A Photographic competition HELD AT THE BEGINING OF 2007 was open to all ages, and some youngsters did enter and achieve commendations.


A novel event, however, took place on 28th February 2007, when four A level students from Hemel Hempstead School bravely took the floor and presented their views on a distant period of history to the Society’s members and guests.


They chose “Sparta: Infanticide and Democracy” as their theme, and gave an animated PowerPoint presentation on this long ago but important period in history.

Working as a team, they each spoke about different aspects of life in the early Hellenic civilization.


The four students: Matt King, Rob Powell, Kit Wales and Joe Wright shared their enthusiasm for their subject and kept everyone interested with a polished yet informal and lively presentation.



Following this success, the society hopes to make the event an annual occasion and to encourage other local schools to take part.


2008:-  For full details see the page on this website entitled BAYEUX TAPESTRY REVEALED.