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Previously Published

Heritage Photos of the Month

from around Hemel Hempstead.




Taken about 1900, from the Steers family collection and reproduced here with their permission.


From the collection of Dacorum Heritage Trust

& reproduced here with their permission.

NB, Amongst the team is J.B. Orchard (see May/June's heritage photo.)

May/June 2009 Heritage Photo:

A pair of 1875 12 n.h.p. Fowler Ploughing engines called PAPWORTH & RISELY at Woodwells Farm about 1914.


In the photo are JACK STEVENS at the rear, HARRY WYATT by the firebox, and BILL LENTON by the front wheel.


The registered Agricultural Machine Operators were Thomas & Joseph Orchard of Woodwells Farm, and they purchased the pair of engines in 1913.  They had been running Agricultural Road Locomotives from Woodwells since 1906, and since they were the only registered owners in the district, it seems likely they loaned/leased them to other farmers in the area.


The above photo is from the archives of the Road Locomotive Society http://www.roadloco.org.uk/  and published here with their permission.


The photo below is one taken by Barbara Chapman in 1996 showing sad looking Woodwells Farm buildings

for comparison.


April 2009




From the Dacorum Heritage Trust Collection

and reproduced here with their kind permission. 


March 2009



The Saracens Head PH, High Street Green/ Adeyfield

from the collection of Roy Wood


December 2008/February 2009



"Drilling the Leverstock Green Home Guard, 1941"

(see. http://www.lgchronicle.net/HomeGuard.html)


October/November 2008:



The symbolic opening of Apsley Station in 1938,  by breaking through a sheet of Croxley Girder Manila was a spectacular event.  For more details see http://www.dacorumhistory.bravehost.com/RailDickinsons.html


Picture courtesy Mike Stanyon,

Hon Archivist The Apsley Paper Trail.


September 2008:



The chemist's shop owned by a Mr. Charlesworth, in Marlowes late 1940’s –possibly near the Plough Roundabout.   The gentleman outside is  Basil Phillips, who was an assistant  in the shop at this time.  The photograph is amongst the collect of Terry Phillips, son of Basil Phillips.


August 2008:



Signallers, 10th London Regiment,

“Somewhere in Hemel Hempstead”, 1914.